Tipo L

Tinting paint line

Tipo L

Washable vinyl paint, with excellent coverage power.

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Main areas of use

It is particularly suitable to:
Paint surfaces with marks, stains, pencil traces, etc., or walls with traces of moisture/condensation.

Recommended applications:
Painting surfaces of all kinds: Commercial and residential buildings, showrooms, homes, etc.

  • Suitable substrates (indoor only):
  • Lime-based civil finishes
  • Cement base civil finishes
  • Gypsum
  • Surfaces already painted, after carefully checking and cleaning the substrate
  • Concrete

Standard version: Standard version: can be coloured according to the colour fan licatacolor2.0 Indoor.
Premium version: conceived to be left white, but still can be coloured out of the colour fan.


Exceptional covering power thanks to the combination of white point and extreme opacity.
The versatility of application ( roller, brush and airless) allows you to fulfil every application need.
Odourless and with low VOC content (< 30g/L), therefore ideal for use indoors.
Water-repellent and wash-resistant thanks to the latest additives.
Conforms to UNI EN 13300.

Appearance and color

Bianco - Intermedio - Neutro

Bianco - Intermedio - Neutro

Reference standards

EN 13300


Airless Applicazione interna Pennello Rullo

Can be pigmented


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