About us

About us

Une histoire de réussite


Passion and history to build, rebuild and recover.

restauro bioedilizia

Our history began in the early 1980s, and today we are positioned in the professional construction world as a manufacturer of systems and solutions for restoration and preservation with sustainable solutions to meet global challenges, pushing towards a more efficient use of natural resources.

Licata S.p.A.

A success story.

The company has facade cladding and vertical insulation technology as its core business and expertise.

Referenze chi siamo

Licata S.p.A., founded in Sicily in the early ‘80s, is now positioned in the professional building sector as a relevant producer of systems and solution for conservative refurbishment as well as innovatise systems for new buidings.

Being part of the prestigious Cortexa consortium certifies the adoptions of rigid quality criteria in the whole line: from production and selection of the raw materials of the cycle, to the assistance in every working phase.

The recent path has brought the range of solutions, both internal and trade, towards more complete landscapes in the fields of refurbishment and updates.
The tecnologies now spread from complete systems in the industrial and civil flooring (Flooring gamma) to the refurbishment of cementitious structures (Repair gamma) until internal water paints (Paint gamma).

Thanks to the very recent acquisition of the FIP Chemicals srl, Licata S.p.A. is among the main players in the field of manteinance and refurbishment of infrastructural builidings with technologies suitable for structural reinforcement, concrete impermeabilization, road joing, sticking and grouting.

FIP Chemicals, which was part until march 2018 of the Serenissima Holding group and now inserted in the Instrastructure business unit in Licata S.p.A., has a reference market the selling of chemical products for the manteinance of big infrastructural buildings which can be reassumed in:

•  Road and railroad bridges and viaducts

•  Road and railroad galleries

•  Hydraulic structures such as dams, acqueducts, depurators.

The core business can be identified in the reinforcement, renewal and protection of concrete buildings.
The product lines and technologies marked BetonFIP, ResinFIP and FiberFIP are compliant with the most common performances request of the main clients or owners of public or private buildings such as ANAS, State Railways RFI, Autostrade for Italy.


The Licata+Greutol company was founded
Canicattì (Agrigento)


New Licata factory 
Canicattì (Agrigento)
Powder production plant.
Liquid production plant.


Production site
Pognano (Bergamo)
Liquid production plant


The LicataBulgaria company was founded
Sofia (Bulgaria)


LicataFrance is born
Parigi (Francia)


Production site
Burgas (Bulgaria)
Powder production plant


Licata SpA is born
Canicattì (Agrigento)


Production plant
Teolo (Padova)
Special production plant
Epoxy-polyurethanes and solvents


Centro di ricerca e sviluppo

Apertura del nuovo centro di ricerca e sviluppo a Pognano (Bergamo)

Company philosophy

is emotion.

Colour is emotion: it rekindles memories, sensations...

licata colore 2.0

Red and white are the identifying colours of Licata S.p.A., which makes colour its essence.

The choice is not random. The red recalls the passion that animates the company at every stage, from design to production, and the white alludes to the pages of the book to which the company entrusts its story, a story in constant evolution.

Team spirit is its strength, those who are part of it feel protagonists in the realisation of the company's mission: BUILD, RECONSTRUCT, RECOVER. Strengthened by the past and with a drive for innovation.

On the dialogue between past and future, the company builds its identity: projected towards innovation with a strong synergy between the needs of eco-compatibility, economy, functionality and living comfort.

Research and development

Advanced technology.

Advanced technology for efficiency and productivity.


Research and development are a constant commitment of Licata S.p.A., which invests in innovative technologies and up-to-date, specialised personnel.

The laboratories not only carry out in-depth analysis of incoming raw materials and finished materials, but are also geared towards the development of solutions that are in step with the times and meet the increasingly pressing need for sustainable choices that combine environmental protection with functionality and economy.

The plants are state-of-the-art and ensure the entire production chain is fast and efficient.


Quality certifications.

State-of-the-art raw materials and technology for high quality standards.

The careful choice of raw materials combined with the use of state-of-the-art technology contributes to the production of finished products that meet high quality standards.

National and European certifying bodies are constantly called in for the final, very important act: the certification of product quality according to the latest regulations.

A recognition of reliability and a guarantee for the customer.