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Two-component, thixotropic, solvent-free, epoxy adhesive for structural work, used for bonding materials together, even of different nature.

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What it is used for

ResinFIP EPOBOND T 160  has been designed and formulated to ensure very high adhesion between different kinds of substrates, such as concrete and steel. The product can be applied manually using a spatula or trowel.
For special applications, it can be extruded using a specific piston pump.
The fields of application are varied, the most frequent ones are:

- structural bonding between different kinds of materials, such as concrete, steel, stone elements, bricks, wood, ensuring the monolithicity of the -  - bonded elements;
- bedding of mechanical devices such as bridge bearings or steel plating and road joints;
- bonding of precast reinforced concrete ashlars;
- restoration of surface imperfections in concrete, such as pitting, cracks and edges;
- grouting of cracks to be injected with ResinFIP EPOBOND F 140 or ResinFIP EPOBOND F 130.


The main identification requirements of ResinFIP EPOBOND T 160 are:

High adhesion, an essential requirement to ensure the durability of the bonding, fixing or sealing between elements even of different kinds;
High workability, making it easy to spread thanks to its creamy consistency;
Absence of shrinkage, which ensures the volumetric stability of the material, preventing loss of adhesion;
High mechanical strength, which guarantees excellent behaviour under static and dynamic stress;
Dielectricity, a particularly important requirement to ensure the durability of the structure in the presence of stray currents;
High chemical resistance, meaning it can withstand chemical aggression, such as acids, alkalis, solvents and hydrocarbons.

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Reference standards

UNI EN 1504-4


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Elevata adesione


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