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Premixed, pourable, ductile cementitious mortar, reinforced with rigid steel fibres, with high flexural strength and fast development of mechanical strength even at low temperatures, down to -5°C, resistant to aggressive environmental agents, designed to restore, repair and reinforce deteriorated concrete structures.

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What it is used for

BetonFIP RAPID REINFORCED has been designed and formulated to obtain a mortar with high ductility and tensile strength even at low ambient temperatures down to -5°C. This specific characteristic allows, even during the winter period, interventions to restore, repair or reinforce degraded concrete structures very quickly, accelerating the commissioning of structures or the execution of the production cycle. BetonFIP RAPID REINFORCED, thanks to its high content of rigid steel fibres of appropriate geometry, shape and strength, is able to absorb plastic deformations before reaching failure.

BetonFIP RAPID REINFORCED può essere impiegato per una amplissima gamma di interventi, quelli più ricorrenti sono:
• laying of road and motorway joints;
• resurfacing, widening or repairing slabs;
• repair of industrial concrete floors;
• installation of manhole covers, drains, etc..

BetonFIP RAPID REINFORCED is applicable by casting, in thicknesses from 10 to 150 mm.


The main requirements that identify BetonFIP RAPID REINFORCED are:

High mechanical strengths, the ability to develop high mechanical strengths even at low temperatures is its key feature, guaranteeing the rapid commissioning of structures, making the impact on operation minimal or nil;
High ductility, fundamental for resisting dynamic stresses and impacts, containing the state of first cracking;
High adhesion, allows monolithicity with the concrete substrate in restoration work on degraded structures;
High workability, it is essential for mixing and placing several bags at a time, this characteristic is hardly present in products with rapid development of mechanical resistance;
Excellent resistance to cracking, it guarantees the durability of the intervention by preventing the formation of easy pathways for aggressive environmental agents; this resistance is achieved by combating plastic shrinkage cracking thanks to the presence of specific polyacrylonitrile fibres in the product;
Excellent resistance to freeze-thaw cycles, increases the durability of concrete structures frequently exposed to low temperatures;
Excellent resistance to aggressive agents in the environment, great durability is thus guaranteed as a result of the specific formulation of the product and the very high impermeability that prevents water, chlorides, sulphates, carbon dioxide, etc. from entering.

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Reference standards

UNI EN 1504-2 UNI EN 1504-3R4


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