Fluid concretes


Premixed, fluid cementitious concrete mix, expansive with air curing and resistant to aggressive environmental agents, designed to restore, repair and reinforce deteriorated concrete structures.

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What it is used for

BetonFIP FLUID AS has been designed and formulated to easily and reliably restore, repair and reinforce deteriorated concrete structures such as:
• road infrastructures, bridges/viaducts, overpasses;
• railway infrastructures, bridges/viaducts, stations, shelters, warehouses;
• hydraulic infrastructures, canals, reservoirs, tanks, purifiers, pipelines, dams, canal bridges;
• sea structures, piers, jetties, supply canals;
• civil structures, schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, residential buildings.

It can be applied by pouring, also using concrete pumps, in layers from 50 to 100 mm thick. It must be applied after positioning an electro-welded mesh or reinforcement to counteract the expansion of the mortar, well anchored to the substrate.
BetonFIP FLUID AS's very high fluidity allows for fast and reliable application both on horizontal surfaces and in formwork, ensuring perfect compaction of the cast. Its expansive property ensures maximum adhesion to the substrate over time. Its special formulation increases the durability of the building thanks to its high resistance to aggressive environmental agents such as chlorides, sulphates, carbon dioxide, etc.



High adhesion, which contributes to long-term monolithicity with the original structure;
​​​​​​​Excellent resistance to cracking, an essential requirement to ensure the durability of the intervention carried out by not creating easy entry routes for aggressive environmental agents. This resistance is achieved by combating cracking due to plastic shrinkage, thanks to the presence of specific polyacrylonitrile fibres in the product;
Excellent resistance to freeze-thaw cycles, which increases the durability of the intervention carried out on concrete structures frequently exposed to low temperatures;
Excellent resistance to aggressive environmental agents, which therefore guarantees high durability thanks to the very high impermeability which prevents water, chlorides, sulphates, carbon dioxide, etc. from entering the structure;
High mechanical strength, which is essential for restoration and repair work together with short curing times both for working under traffic (vibrations, etc.) and for quick commissioning.

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Reference standards

UNI EN 1504-2 UNI EN 1504-3R4


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