Alessandra Trudu

Alessandra Trudu

Dr. Trudu Alessandra, born in Rome on 12-06-1969, Degree in Economics and Commerce, Chartered Accountant and Auditor.

Professional practice in Rome. 

She is an expert in tax and corporate consultancy, particularly with regard to financial intermediation companies as well as companies involved in manufacturing, industrial and commercial activities, and carries out her activities, among other things, in company valuations and advising and assisting on extraordinary corporate transactions. 

He has acquired specific skills in carrying out statutory auditing activities by holding the positions of chairman of the board of auditors, statutory auditor, supervisory board member and statutory auditor in limited liability companies and joint-stock companies, including consortia, subject to the control of private or public entities, in financial intermediation companies, in companies obliged to prepare consolidated financial statements, as well as the position of member of the board of auditors of trade associations that are members of Confindustria.